Looking for a way to receive images and videos from your website visitors?

Integrate the Beamshare widget in your website and make it easy for your visitors to send you videos and images. It takes minutes to set up and it's free for a limited number of files. Click here to try it out at JSFiddle. The HTML section shows you the code snippets you need to paste into your webpage. Customise any of the parameters, then click 'Run' to generate the Beamshare web form.

Now you can try out the form. Choose a video or image file, enter your email and click 'Send' to send the file to our account, info@beamshare.com The website visitor (in this case, you) gets an email notification and the website owner (in this case, us) receives the file in an easy-to-review list on Beamshare.

To start receiving videos and images on your own website, sign up for a trial Beamshare account and click 'Web Widget' to get started.
Iain Richardson, October 2017