Using Folders to keep all your project information in one place

The problem: keeping track of rushes, draft versions and final edits; making sure that everyone follows the agreed project specification.

The solution: create a Beamshare folder and share it with your client. Put everything in one easily accessible place-

  • Your showreel and company overview
  • The pitch to the client
  • The agreed project specification
  • Early rushes
  • Draft edits for comment
  • The final cut.

Case study: Widgets Ltd needs a promotional video for their new exciting range of.... widgets.

  • You share a Beamshare folder containing your showreel, your pitch and your general terms and conditions.
  • The client loves your pitch and gives you the contract.
  • You add the project specification and filming schedule to the folder. The client gets an automatic notification and you can check that they've actually read the spec.
  • Upload rushes to the folder during or after the shoot. The client views and selects footage for the promo.
  • Upload a draft edit and get detailed feedback from the client using Beamshare's super-easy user interface.
  • Send the client the final cut.
Everything is handled in one folder, so it's easy to keep track of what is going on. It's convenient and easy for your client and it lets you organise and finish your project quickly and efficiently.

Try it for yourself - register for a trial account and experience faster, easier workflows.

How much time would you like to save on your next video project?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You've finished the first draft of the client's new promotional video. Everything's gone smoothly so far - the footage has turned out nicely and you've captured everything the client asked for. All you need is to get the client's feedback so that you can finalise the edit.
  • You send the video file to the client for review. What follows is a frustrating back-and-forward chain of emails and phone calls. The whole editing process becomes drawn out, wasting valuable time.

With Beamshare, you can save a dramatic amount of time and frustration. You upload your draft edit to Beamshare. Your client gets a dedicated link to play back the video online and adds colour-coded comments directly to the video timeline:

Beamshare's user interface is simple and intuitive. The result is a quick, easy and frustration-free process for both you and your client. You can easily adjust the edit based on the client's comments, then send them a link to the final version for sign-off. Everything happens within Beamshare, so you don't have to keep track of multiple emails and file sharing tools.

So, how much time would you like to save on your next video project?