Hands off - this file is private!

Have you ever wanted to share a file via Beamshare which you don't want everyone to see? Easy enough...until your contact says they don't want to sign up to Beamshare.  

We've introduced password protected links to solve this problem.  You can create a web link for a file and set a password, which must be entered by anyone who tries to access it.  For extra peace of mind, Beamshare web links are not searchable, and when you no longer want the link to be accessible you can switch it off with one click.  

Here's a quick how-to guide for Beamshare password protected links:-

1) Click 'Share' next to the file or folder in your cloud that you wish to share via web link

2) At the bottom of the window you will see 'Generate link',  click this to create your web link. 

The open padlock indicates that this link is not password protected.  If you don't feel the file needs a password you could share the link with anyone at this point.

3) To password protect the link, click the padlock.  This will allow you to enter a password

When you type your password, the padlock will close, indicating the password is set.

Your link is now protected.  Whenever somebody accesses it they will be required to enter your chosen password. 

Here's an example, click below to see the view from the Beamshare office:


Psst...the password is: Aberdeen

You can turn off the link when you no longer want it to be accessible, simply click 'Disable link'; this ensures you keep control of your content.

Guess what else is new...

A few months ago we introduced the view counter on Beamshare, allowing you to see how many of your contacts have seen your files.  Now, we have gone one step further, you can see who has viewed your file.

All you need to do is click on a file and scroll down underneath the player. Here you will see 'Viewed by' - click on this and you can check which of your contacts have seen your file, saving you valuable time.

If you have any comments or questions about Beamshare, please do get in touch, just email support@beamshare.com.

Happy Beamsharing!