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Our new blog is here to keep you in the know, making sure you are aware of the newest features now available on Beamshare.

Demo Account

Our new demo account is up and running. It allows you to access Beamshare and play with some of the features without having to sign up for an account. Try the demo account by visiting, and clicking 'Try Demo' on the homepage. Or to make it even easier for you, just click the link below and you can get started straight away:

Public Link Page

Public links are a great feature which allow you to create a web link that anyone can access. Whether you have a finished promotional video, new team photos or a poster advertising an event, you can share the link however you choose. It could be with specific clients or colleagues, or you might want to share your content with the world by posting the link on social media.

When you use Beamshare, you have full control over your content.  In this respect, Beamshare's public link facility is no different.  Our brand new public link page not only looks attractive, it ensures your content is not downloaded by those who view it. When your promotion is over or your event has passed, simply switch off the link and it will no longer be accessible.  Your content remains your own.

To create a public link, simply click 'Link' next to any file or folder in your Beamshare cloud.
Here's one we made earlier.  Go on, have a nosy:

Drag and Drop Uploads

We have introduced drag and drop uploads to make uploading your files faster and easier. Simply drag files from your computer to your Beamshare cloud and they'll start uploading. It's as easy as that.

Instant 'Shared/Unshared' Notifications

We always aim to reduce the number of clicks needed to use Beamshare, and therefore the time that it takes you to share files. We have introduced a small but incredibly helpful little change, that allows you to see instantly whether or not a file in your cloud is shared with someone.

We changed the 'Share' button, so when a file is not shared the button is black.  As soon as you share it with someone, the button turns bright blue. This little change speeds things up more than you might expect!

If you ever forget if you actually shared that folder with a client, or if you are about to delete a file but aren't sure if your colleague is using it, just look for the little blue button.


That's all for now. We always like to hear your feedback and suggestions for Beamshare. Why don't you have a go with the new features and let us know how you get on. Send an email to:  

Happy Beamsharing!

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