Looking for a way to receive images and videos from your website visitors?

Integrate the Beamshare widget in your website and make it easy for your visitors to send you videos and images. It takes minutes to set up and it's free for a limited number of files. Click here to try it out at JSFiddle. The HTML section shows you the code snippets you need to paste into your webpage. Customise any of the parameters, then click 'Run' to generate the Beamshare web form.

Now you can try out the form. Choose a video or image file, enter your email and click 'Send' to send the file to our account, info@beamshare.com The website visitor (in this case, you) gets an email notification and the website owner (in this case, us) receives the file in an easy-to-review list on Beamshare.

To start receiving videos and images on your own website, sign up for a trial Beamshare account and click 'Web Widget' to get started.
Iain Richardson, October 2017

Beamshare's Aberdeen launch: Tuesday 10th March

You are cordially invited to join us for the Aberdeen launch of Beamshare. Please come along, have a drink, meet other like-minded creative professionals and enjoy some friendly chat.

Join us at The Albyn (in the Piano Bar), Albyn Place, Aberdeen on 
Tuesday 10th March from 6pm-8pm.

Beamshare is our web-based solution for video review and approval. Designed in Aberdeen, Beamshare lets video editors and producers finish projects faster.

Scotland's broadband - is it superfast enough for film and media production?

Are slow internet speeds holding back Scotland's film industry?

In February 2015, Audit Scotland reported good progress towards plans to roll out so-called superfast broadband to 90% of Scottish premises by March 2016.

How will this impact on the film and media production industry? Will the higher speed connections make it easier for production teams to transfer large video files? Is "superfast" actually fast enough, or should we be demanding more?

What will the “superfast” initiative deliver?

According to the Audit Scotland report, broadband speeds of 40-80Mb/s will be available to 85-90% of premises across Scotland by 2015 and universally available by 2020. What will this actually mean? Most of the delivery will be through Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). This means high capacity optical fibre connections to street cabinets, but lower capacity copper cables to your house or office.

Upload speeds are expected to be significantly lower than the headline download speeds.
  • Download: up to 80Mbps
  • Upload: up to 20Mbps

What does this mean for film, TV and media production?

Scotland's film, TV and media production industry is made up of a diverse range of companies spread across the country. As well as the well known broadcasters, there are hundreds of smaller operators, often specialising in particular aspects of production or post-production. Exchanging video files is a real problem if connection speeds are poor. Many smaller businesses rely on basic broadband connections, with upload speeds still hovering around the 1Mbps mark.

Case study:

A small, independent producer wants to send a 1-hour video clip to a colleague. How long will it take her to send?

* Assuming H.264 compression, high quality preset.

At current upload speeds of 1Mbps, sending large video files is prohibitively slow. Practical solutions are to use smaller formats and lower quality encoding, but this is far from ideal for professional video production. Working in the new Ultra HD format is next to impossible.

"Superfast" 20Mbps upload speeds are a definite improvement, making it possible to send an hour of high quality full HD video in 30 minutes. So there's no question that the superfast initiative will make life easier for the video production industry.

Should we demand more?

Perhaps we should question the speeds offered and the use of the word "superfast". Sweden's Stokab fibre network is owned by the city of Stockholm. Consumers and businesses benefit from Fibre To The Premise / Home (FTTP / FTTH) with download and upload speeds of 1Gbps. The cost? A very affordable £15 per month.

At these bitrates, our producer can upload her 1-hour Full HD file in just 35 seconds, or an Ultra HD version in less than 3 minutes. These speeds could totally change the way production teams work, opening up new opportunities for real time collaboration, regardless of location.

The Aberdeen Core initiative is promising to deliver gigabit connection speeds to businesses in and around the city of Aberdeen, offering some hope that we may catch up with our Swedish neighbours in the near future.

Senior figures have been expressing their concerns that the Scottish film industry is lagging behind its European rivals due to lack of investment and infrastructure. Digital infrastructure is a vital component of a thriving film industry that should not be neglected.

About the author

Iain Richardson is a founder of Beamshare. Based in Aberdeen, Beamshare's fast, easy online review and approval system speeds up video production.

Using Folders to keep all your project information in one place

The problem: keeping track of rushes, draft versions and final edits; making sure that everyone follows the agreed project specification.

The solution: create a Beamshare folder and share it with your client. Put everything in one easily accessible place-

  • Your showreel and company overview
  • The pitch to the client
  • The agreed project specification
  • Early rushes
  • Draft edits for comment
  • The final cut.

Case study: Widgets Ltd needs a promotional video for their new exciting range of.... widgets.

  • You share a Beamshare folder containing your showreel, your pitch and your general terms and conditions.
  • The client loves your pitch and gives you the contract.
  • You add the project specification and filming schedule to the folder. The client gets an automatic notification and you can check that they've actually read the spec.
  • Upload rushes to the folder during or after the shoot. The client views and selects footage for the promo.
  • Upload a draft edit and get detailed feedback from the client using Beamshare's super-easy user interface.
  • Send the client the final cut.
Everything is handled in one folder, so it's easy to keep track of what is going on. It's convenient and easy for your client and it lets you organise and finish your project quickly and efficiently.

Try it for yourself - register for a trial account and experience faster, easier workflows.

How much time would you like to save on your next video project?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You've finished the first draft of the client's new promotional video. Everything's gone smoothly so far - the footage has turned out nicely and you've captured everything the client asked for. All you need is to get the client's feedback so that you can finalise the edit.
  • You send the video file to the client for review. What follows is a frustrating back-and-forward chain of emails and phone calls. The whole editing process becomes drawn out, wasting valuable time.

With Beamshare, you can save a dramatic amount of time and frustration. You upload your draft edit to Beamshare. Your client gets a dedicated link to play back the video online and adds colour-coded comments directly to the video timeline:

Beamshare's user interface is simple and intuitive. The result is a quick, easy and frustration-free process for both you and your client. You can easily adjust the edit based on the client's comments, then send them a link to the final version for sign-off. Everything happens within Beamshare, so you don't have to keep track of multiple emails and file sharing tools.

So, how much time would you like to save on your next video project?

Hands off - this file is private!

Have you ever wanted to share a file via Beamshare which you don't want everyone to see? Easy enough...until your contact says they don't want to sign up to Beamshare.  

We've introduced password protected links to solve this problem.  You can create a web link for a file and set a password, which must be entered by anyone who tries to access it.  For extra peace of mind, Beamshare web links are not searchable, and when you no longer want the link to be accessible you can switch it off with one click.  

Here's a quick how-to guide for Beamshare password protected links:-

1) Click 'Share' next to the file or folder in your cloud that you wish to share via web link

2) At the bottom of the window you will see 'Generate link',  click this to create your web link. 

The open padlock indicates that this link is not password protected.  If you don't feel the file needs a password you could share the link with anyone at this point.

3) To password protect the link, click the padlock.  This will allow you to enter a password

When you type your password, the padlock will close, indicating the password is set.

Your link is now protected.  Whenever somebody accesses it they will be required to enter your chosen password. 

Here's an example, click below to see the view from the Beamshare office:


Psst...the password is: Aberdeen

You can turn off the link when you no longer want it to be accessible, simply click 'Disable link'; this ensures you keep control of your content.

Guess what else is new...

A few months ago we introduced the view counter on Beamshare, allowing you to see how many of your contacts have seen your files.  Now, we have gone one step further, you can see who has viewed your file.

All you need to do is click on a file and scroll down underneath the player. Here you will see 'Viewed by' - click on this and you can check which of your contacts have seen your file, saving you valuable time.

If you have any comments or questions about Beamshare, please do get in touch, just email support@beamshare.com.

Happy Beamsharing!

New Beamshare Features

Our new blog is here to keep you in the know, making sure you are aware of the newest features now available on Beamshare.

Demo Account

Our new demo account is up and running. It allows you to access Beamshare and play with some of the features without having to sign up for an account. Try the demo account by visiting www.beamshare.com, and clicking 'Try Demo' on the homepage. Or to make it even easier for you, just click the link below and you can get started straight away:

Public Link Page

Public links are a great feature which allow you to create a web link that anyone can access. Whether you have a finished promotional video, new team photos or a poster advertising an event, you can share the link however you choose. It could be with specific clients or colleagues, or you might want to share your content with the world by posting the link on social media.

When you use Beamshare, you have full control over your content.  In this respect, Beamshare's public link facility is no different.  Our brand new public link page not only looks attractive, it ensures your content is not downloaded by those who view it. When your promotion is over or your event has passed, simply switch off the link and it will no longer be accessible.  Your content remains your own.

To create a public link, simply click 'Link' next to any file or folder in your Beamshare cloud.
Here's one we made earlier.  Go on, have a nosy:

Drag and Drop Uploads

We have introduced drag and drop uploads to make uploading your files faster and easier. Simply drag files from your computer to your Beamshare cloud and they'll start uploading. It's as easy as that.

Instant 'Shared/Unshared' Notifications

We always aim to reduce the number of clicks needed to use Beamshare, and therefore the time that it takes you to share files. We have introduced a small but incredibly helpful little change, that allows you to see instantly whether or not a file in your cloud is shared with someone.

We changed the 'Share' button, so when a file is not shared the button is black.  As soon as you share it with someone, the button turns bright blue. This little change speeds things up more than you might expect!

If you ever forget if you actually shared that folder with a client, or if you are about to delete a file but aren't sure if your colleague is using it, just look for the little blue button.


That's all for now. We always like to hear your feedback and suggestions for Beamshare. Why don't you have a go with the new features and let us know how you get on. Send an email to: support@beamshare.com.  

Happy Beamsharing!